Sunday School


Sunday Service


Bible Studies

Sunday 6PM in Charlton

Sunday 6PM in Oxford (young adults)

Tuesday 7PM in Sturbridge

Tuesday 7PM youth group here at the church

Thursday 9:30 AM here at the church

Friday, every 1st and 3rd in Putnam

Evangelistic Outreach

Sovereign Grace Chapel puts a high priority on the gospel. Not only from the pulpit each Sunday, but also in our community and in distant lands.

Most Saturday's of the year we are out evangelizing in both Main St. Southbridge and on the Worcester Common. A team of individuals go forth with the gospel by way of preaching, tract distribution, music, and testimony; seeking to spread the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He suffered for our sins, that He's risen from the dead and is coming back again. Sovereign Grace Chapel also sponsors a Jamaica mission trip in the fall where we preach in 10 different schools, hospitals, churches, and outdoors. Also on this trip we have Ladies studies, group Bible studies and lots of one on one evangelism and discipleship.

Upcoming conferences and events

Jamaica Mission Trip - Nov. 3-10, contact Gary for info


If you are interested in a Church that is big on grace, love and truth; then Sovereign Grace Chapel may be the place for you.

Our church's goals are the worship of our Triune God in the Spirit with a Christ/Cross centered focus based on Scripture, promoting sound Bible preaching and teaching, encouraging holy living and spreading the good news to others. The slogan we seek to live up to as a church is: 'Where the Bible Speaks'.

We are a reformed Church having high regards for the 5 solas of the Reformation: 1. Sola scriptura ("by Scripture alone") 2. Sola fide ("by faith alone") 3. Sola gratia ("by grace alone") 4. Solo Christo ("Christ alone") 5. Soli Deo gloria ("glory to God alone"), and a strong conviction about the 5 scriptural truths of the doctrines of grace: 1.Total depravity 2.Unconditional election(God's Election) 3.Limited atonement (Particular Redemption) 4.Irresistible grace (Effectual Calling) 5.Perseverance of the Saints


Meet Our Church Elders

Our elders from left to right are: Mark Fuller, Gary George, Todd Wright and David Briggs

The teaching and preaching of our Pastor/Elders is Expositional (line by line), Reformational in Soteriology (doctrine of salvation) and New Covenant in theology (shares similarities yet is distinct from Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology, seeking to eliminate the perceived weak points of the two.) The elders together have formal and informal education from various Institutes, independent studies and personal gifting. Their desire is to lead by example, teach by scripture and love and care for the flock, Acts 20:28. They work together, along with the 4 deacons, as one team of leaders with a regard for unique callings among them and have a committed desire to give in all things Christ the preeminence!


Plural-Eldership Congregationalism

We advocate plural because the biblical rule is that 2 are better than one, and in the multitude of counselors there is safety. We expect that each elder meets the requirements of 1Tim. 3 and Titus 1, and that they constantly revisit those standards for renewal and personal examination. We grant the congregation and along with the elders the right to determine the quality of any elder candidate, and expect them to affirm or deny the candidate the position of elder and even deacon as well. A year probation is allotted to the elder candidate to be examined by the elders, himself and the flock for the finalizing of his calling to be recognized as an overseer (this is a method we find safe and sure). We are elder led (not ruled) and congregationally engaged. (Rule connotes heavy handedness, and invincible authority.) Church elders do not dictate from high towers, but integrate in the low trenches of where the people of God are, seeking to relate fully with their brothers and sisters. Church elders are big on influence, but small on control. Church elders are tough when it comes to truth, but tender when it comes to love. Elders are leaders, but also ones who listen to those they lead. Elders inform the church when excommunication is necessary, and expect affirmation from the congregation. Though they don't have a 'vote' on the matter they can have a voice. If a wise and conscientious member seeks further explanation for the action, it is our glad duty to explain the reasons for our decision. We are not a behind-closed-doors caucus, but have an open door policy for informative engagement with our people. \We have a pulse reading of our flock and believe our deacons and 'deaconesses' are a good bridge to the climate of our church body. Congregationalism does not mean pure democracy. True Biblical congregationalism grants liberty to the body to be involved in the life of the church, yet recognizes the role of her leaders to guide the church with high and holy standards. For the elders "must give an account", Heb. 13:17, James 3:1. If perchance the eldership is questioned by wise individual/s who use the Word with skill, it behooves the overseers to humbly admit their folly and reverse their judgment. Even though this seems ironical, i.e. that the presbyters could be wrong and non-elders be right, the truth of scripture must prevail and the judgment proposed must be overridden. SGC wants to give Christ the PREEMINENCE IN ALL THINGS and allow His Holy Spirit to give liberty that God in all things will be GLORIFIED! SGC wants to be willing to reform herself if greater light is shed on areas that we may be deficient.


Youth Group

The SGC Youth Group is 6 years young and continually growing and changing as God continues to bless it mightily. On a weekly basis, the leaders are passionate to show forth the love of God to the youth and grateful for the opportunity to do such. Among the crazy games and fun events, one of the main goals remains showing each and every youth what it is to serve the living God in word and deed. Our prayer is that God may sanctify those who believe in Him and bring to salvation those who do not believe.

We meet every Tuesday from 7-9pm at Sovereign Grace Chapel. The age range is 13 (or in 7th grade) to 18 (or in 12th grade). A typical youth group night consists of games, snacks, worship, and teaching. Currently, the messages are from the gospel of John – a wonderful book displaying the deity of Christ! These can be weighty subjects but by the grace of God they are taught in an understandable way that seeks to apply the truth of God's Word to the lives of everyone at youth group. Our doors are always open and we would love to have more youth come visit us and join our group!